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White Marble is one of the most preferred choice as a flooring material that we usually use while constructing our homes, office places, and any other commercial & residential projects.  It provides a beautiful and pure look to your home. White marble is not only used in homes but it is also a perfect stone for any commercial places.


Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. (MMPL) is one of the best and leading manufacturer of the white marbles in India & also renowned suppliers which is well known for offering a wide range of White Indian & Imported Marbles, and that too along with assured quality. We also provide products at the best possible price compare to the market.


White Marble gives a feeling of peace in the atmosphere. It is available in a wide range of varieties some of them are The Morwad, White Morwad, Makrana, Makrana White, Statuario, Indian Statuario, Opal White, Rajnagar White, Rajnagar, and Dungri Marble etc. MMPL provide you best variety of white marbles in a pocket-friendly price.


All of the above varieties of the white marble include fine finishing, pure white color, and smooth texture which make your floor looks amazing and that too with a incomparable quality.  White marble can also be used for wall cladding, interior decorative purpose, and countertops as well.


Application of white marble along with other marble leads to an increase in its beauty.  So, if you are planning to buid a new residence or official accommodation then white marble an adequate choice for you. After its application, your dream place will get a undefinable beauty.


Varieties of White Marble


Premium Morwad White Marble: It is said to be one of the best varieties of Indian white marble with some of the amazing features like flawless design, lightweight stone, durability and Easy to clean.


Makrana Pure White Marble: This variety of white marble is well known for its extra whiteness and is easy to install & maintain. This marble is found in Makrana of Rajasthan State and doesn’t include any chemical processing while it’s manufacturing. 


White Indian Statuario Marble: Some of the features that make white statuario marble very famous are its fine polishing & shining, impressive flooring patterns, and available in customized sizes.


Opal White Marble: It is a high graded white marble with multipurpose uses. The marble comes with a smooth texture, shiny finish, and it is to easy maintain and install this marble.


White Sangemarmar Marble: This marble is said to be one of the popular and widely used types of white marble that we provide. This marble is available in natural blocks, customized slabs, and regular & customized tiles.


White Base Tiles: These are basically customized white marble tiles that are made from large blocks of marble. These tiles are widely used in bedroom, bathroom, office buildings and at many other places as per requirement.


Zanjhar white Marble: It is high-quality white marble with a fine finish, high efficiency, and attractive look.  It is highly used in the temples, mosque and other places for flooring purpose.


Talai White Marble Slabs: It is a long lasting white marble having a natural texture and easy maintenance. The texture of this marble is amazing and brings a beautiful appearance to your place.


Rajnagar White Marble: It is a milky white marble having a beautiful appearance, natural color and shine and is available in an affordable range of price.


Makrana White Marbles Tiles: This kind of white marble tiles are very well known for its perfect white look, crystal clear pattern. The design and pattern of white marble tiles in combination dark color gives an amazing eye catchy look.


Dungri Makrana Marble: It is beautiful white marble which includes features like smooth surface and price affordability. It is mined from the Makrana based white marble mines looking into all the standards parameters.


Banswara Purple Marble: This white marble includes high gloss material, soft finish, smooth touch. This marble has the light purple color veins which make it look different from other white marble.

Premium Morward White Marble

Approx Price: Rs. 110 / Square Feet

Premium Morwad White Marble: Morwad White Marble is one the best option in white marble which you can use in the flooring of your home to provide it an elegant took. In addition to it, you can also use it for the countertop, interior purpose, and wall cladding.


Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. is one of the renowned Exporter of Morwad White Marble which provides you best Indian stone directly from the stone mines in Rajasthan area. The best thing about this white marble is that it is very easy to install and clean.


White is the symbol of purity and sanity and the same thing is applies to the Premium Morwad White Marble. This Marble gives a perfect look to your space through its use in flooring, countertop and wall cladding etc. You will feel like having wider space.


Not only home, but Premium Morwad White Marble is also best for using in sacred places like temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras and several others as mentioned earlier & is a symbol of sanity and purity. It also suits well to be used in the official working areas.


Premium Morwad White Marble is also well known for its perfect finishing and elegant looks and unique texture. The surface of the marbles is smooth and lustrous. It enhances the beauty of your floor and provides a fascinating look when applied.


The elegant and stylish look, unique texture and the durability of this wonderful white marbles make it one of the popular variety of white marble. Mahaveer Marble is providing this marble to you at the best possible price in India as compared to other sellers in the market.


Premium Morwad White Marble is a perfect choice for your place. For more inquiry, you can click on free call back button or you can directly message us on WhatsApp as per your convenience. 

Makrana Pure White Marble 

Approx Price: Rs. 390 / Square Feet

Makrana Pure White Marble: Makrana Pure White Marble which is mined in Makrana of Rajasthan. This marble is said to be a perfect choice for flooring purpose. So if you are planning to apply stone to your floor than makrana white marble can be a better choice for you.


Mahaveer Marbles will provide you makrana white marble with very high quality and at lowest price compare to the market. This marble mainly used for flooring purpose but you can customize its use as per your requirements.


This natural marble is mainly popular due to its rich texture and pure white color. However, it doesn’t have any marked look on it that is a reason behind its smooth surface. This Makrana White Marble is absolutely available at affordable price.


Also, when it comes to maintenance, this marble has the stellar features for the users. For its amazing features, this white marble named as one of the best marbles to purchase when it comes to floor construction.


Buy From Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd.


If you are looking for this Makrana White Marble, you can directly visit Mahaveer Marble Pvt.Ltd. Here you can purchase this marble at a decent price and make your dream home look beautiful. We provide a complete guide to the customer considering their requirements.


Along with this marble, we also provide many other stones that can be a choice for your floor.we also provide products as per customer requirement & the product is made available in customized sizes, dimensions, and packaging. Feel free to raise an inquiry call to get the best price quotation.


What Is Special About This Marble?


Some of the quality in makrana white marble which makes it special is its elegant look, no color fade & meets the international standards, high durability and strength and fine polished.


This white marble color and its everlasting beauty make it’s widely popular. This stone is also used in historical monuments such as Taj Mahal of Agra, Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata. 


White Indian Statuario Marble

Approx. Price: Rs. 145 Square Feet

White Indian Statuario Marble: White Indian Statuario Marble is a one of the beautiful marble stone among various Indian marbles that are available in the market. This marble comes with a crystal clear pattern and a fine finishing of its texture.


Mahaveer Marbles is leading as well as a widely known supplier of white Indian Statuario Marble. The stone we supply is of premium quality and price is charged as per sq. feet of stone sold. The price that we charge for white statuario is also low as compared to the market.


Choosing The Best Marbles

The White Indian Statuario Marbles are likely to be the best choice for homes as its color adds elegance and create serenity in the atmosphere. gives you a feel of wider space and this stone is best in the industry with pocket- friendly price as well.


You are going to get the best Indian Sataurion Marble Slabe Price in India from Mahaveer Marbles and that too at a premium quality.


Statuario marble tiles are also offered by Mahaveer marble. These tiles are basically made from big marble blocks and slab. These marbles cost to you at 145 rupees per square feet.


These tiles are created with a smooth finish, striking color & are used for flooring. Statuario Marble Texture is specified with appealing designs and has a polished surface which makes it attractive and gives every place of its application a perfect décor.


Statuario Marble flooring gives a fantastic appeal to your home space. We get these stones from mines and then we perform additional processes on these stone to make it look beautiful. Such as we cut these blocks into small tiles and then polish it to give a premium shine to it.


Opal White Marble

Approx Price: Rs. 290 / Square Feet

The opal white marble gives an amazing and excellent feeling for every home and that is really distinctive. These are naturally beautified with increasing the value of the home to the great extent possible.


Mahaveer Marbles provide Opal White Marble at an absolute good quality. Some of the features that are exclusively available to you from Mahaveer Marbles are its availability in various size and dimensions, availability at an affordable price and fine polished. we will try to provide you with our product at the lowest price compare to the market.


Features of Opal White Marble


Use of Opal White Marble is not restricted to home but this stone can also be used in commercial office space also due to its distinctive features. Its Price can also be said to be its feature of white opal marble. 


This marble is high graded with quality tested from nationalized laboratory experts and are set to satisfy multipurpose uses.


This marble gives a beautiful appearance after its application, elegant look, smooth finish, fine texture and it’s easy to apply.


Opal White Marble Uses


There are many uses Opal White Marble due to which make it highly demanded in the market we are going to discuss some of its uses and apart of that any customized use of this stone is also possible according to the requirements and situations.


This marble is widely used for flooring and countertop. As after its application, it gives a classy and rich feel followed by a beautiful look. 


When you take a comparative analysis on behalf of different stones, this stone is said to be a durable stone among various stones that are used for the purpose of flooring.


Apart from these popular use, this marble is also used in the kitchen, bathroom, backsplash, commercial and residential buildings.

White Sangemarmar Marble

Approx Price of  White Sangemarmar: Rs. 490 / Square Feet

White Sangemarmar Marble is a popular stone that is used from a long period of time and one such example is of Taj Mahal. This Marble is used in commercial and residential spaces. The main reason behind the popularity of white Sangemarmar is its pure white color and its everlasting shining. 


Mahaveer Marble is one the prestigious and largest supplier of white sangemarmar in India as well as abroad. The price we charged for white sangemarmar is lowest as compared to the market and that too with a superior quality. 


Taj Mahal of India is said to be the best example of White Sangemarmar Marble. It is build by Sahajahan in memory of Mumtaj his wife by using White Sangemarmar Marble. The color white is a symbol of peace, Love, Purity, and achievement. 


These are considered as a cultured natural stone which truly is a good option when someone thinks of using pure natural stones. These are not that expensive when it comes to comparing its beauty.


White sangemarmar marbles tiles are quite strong and require less care than those regular stone tiles. Due to this quality,  these tiles demand is growing and as a consequence of which they become a part of every kind of construction work.


Mahaveer marbles is considered as one of the specialized supplier of white sangemarmar marble which just well defines the art of Mughal. As per the market value, this marble will you cost Rs. 490 per square feet.


White Sangemarmar Marble is widely used for temples and house flooring as well as wall cladding.  it is perfectly white in color with a lustrous shine and extremely beautiful features.


The quality of this marble matches the international standard. Mahaveer marbles always try to deliver superior quality with international standards. 


Sangemarmar marble feature are elegant and classy look, high-quality marble, available in customized sizes, fine polishing & shining.

​Jhanjhar White Marble

Approx Price: Rs. 35 / Square Feet

Jhanjhar White Marbles: Jhanjahar  White Marble is one of the best quality white marble variety and that also at affordable price. This Stone is widely used across in India and one important thing about is that this stone is also quarried in India.


Marbles were used to in flooring works of a house along with its application on the wall. So people who require stone for there flooring and wall than jhanjhar marble can be a better option for them.


You may find plenty of marble company who sells Jhanjhar marble to a wide range of customer around the country.  Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. is the one who offers White Jhanjhar Marble to their customer at a affordable price.  


This specific marble has unique features which makes it odd one out from the variety of marbles. This particular Jhanjhar White Marble  Specification are high efficiency, attractive look, and high quality.


People who want to stick with the planned budget can choose this marble for the required usage. Jhanjhar White Marble was available from ancient times with different names and utilized for various purposes.


So it’s worth to buy at Best Jhanjhar White Marble Price from the Mahaveer Marble. They also offer the online customer services to describe the product details to the buyers who want to purchase it via online mode as well. 


The White Marble is available in different designs for various uses such as kitchen interiors, slabs and much more.  So the people who want to buy or purchase the white marbles for the house can directly approach with the company to get the best products.


Now it becomes a tradition to use the marbles for house flooring to make the home amazing with the interior works. So visit Mahaveer Marbles for more details to buy this White Jhanjhar Marble to decorate the home at Best White Jhanjhar Marble Price.

Talai White Marble Slabs

Approx Price: Rs. 65 / Square Feet

Talai White Marble Slabs: It’s a common thing that everyone who wants to decorate or build a new house will go for the marble and Most of the flooring works in any buildings were fixed with the marbles. Talai White Marble can be used for above-mentioned purposes. 


Now there are plenty of marble companies available around the country but Mahaveer Marbles provide the Best Talai white Marble Slabs. Marbles has various names and colors based on the quality and its nature.


Mahaveer Marble Pvt.Ltd. is one of the leading marble suppliers in the country with a wide range of marble and granite to the customers. These White Talai Marble Slabs are available in best quality.


This stone is long lasting and the user is not required to replace it after a short span of time period.  Apart from the flooring, walls, these white marble slabs can also be used for decorating purposes.


For slabs users, Talai White Marble Slabs are suitable that comes with classic and unique designs. Talai white marble slabs can be used in any buildings such as home, office, hospitals, etc.


The latest technology advancement leads the customers to purchase the marble slabs based on the required size and colors.  The online services also available from our side to make the customer job easier to purchase the materials in a short time.  


Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. is well reputed and has provided high-quality products to the customers for a reasonable price. You can also check the Best Talai White Marble Slab Price from our website.


So most people had a good experience with us who have purchased the materials for their home, flats, office, etc.. As a seller we look for the customer satisfaction. So approach to us to buy excellent quality Talai White Marbles Slabs for multiple purposes.

Rajnagar White Marble

Rajnagar White Marble Approx Price: Rs. 40 / Square Feet

Rajnagar White Marble:- Rajnagar white marble is one of the mostly used marble for flooring purpose. Although its use is not limited to flooring, the customer can use this marble according to their requirements i.e. customized use is possible.


Marble is the first preference for all the time among the people due to its attractive design. As we all know that there are several marbles available in the market to install on the floor at any time and Rajnagar White Marble is one of them.


But the fact is that marbles are categorized into different categories according to quality, color, price, and requirements. Among the marbles which are always well known for its attractive look. Yes, we are talking about Rajnagar white marble.


Why Rajnagar white marble?

Usually, Rajnagar white marble is very well known for its attractive look and milky white color. If you are really looking for the strong marbles which has a long lasting life then without having a second option, you can have a try on this marbles.


This amazing marble has the features like durability, easy maintenance, and simple installation. These are the features make this marble very special among the other marbles.


You can also have a look at this marble color, yes it is the mixture of white and brown. It looks simple yet attractive for floors after the installation is done. 


The interesting fact about this marble is that this marble is completely made in India. This thing made this marble more special among other marble.


So, people who all are looking for this amazing Rajnagar white marble for the best use then contact Mahaveer marble at any time.  Here you can purchase this marble at the lowest price to use this marble in your dream home.


Also, as we mentioned that the installation process is also very simple. So, you can expect the completion of your construction work in a short span of time with experienced workers.


Makrana White Marble Tiles

Approx Price: Rs. 190 / Square Feet

White Marble Tiles Flooring is one of the vital elements that are required to design the home. These are the one which signifies the beauty and elegance of home. Mahaveer marble now serves an excellent way to help you avail their services.


These are the base tiles that are comparatively better option than ceramic tiles and granite marble flooring. These tiles are used mainly for flooring in home and offices.

Why White Marble Tiles?

Mahaveer Marbles is providing best quality white marbles tiles with the best price compare to the market and that too with a premium quality.


These white marble tiles can be considered as a part of exclusive flooring material and are quite undeniable. They are easy to clean, can be applied by using simple tools, and long-lasting.


These White base tiles possess a soft texture and are considered one of the best Marble flooring option in the world. These are quite popular and are widely used in comparison to other stones.


Check White Marble Tiles Price Above


Mahaveer Marbles is one of the best and biggest online marble and granite seller. Our products are not limited to marble, there is a range of products that you can explore on our website.


The sites explain every single detail about the white tiles and marbles. Basically, when it’s about the white base tiles, these are just marvelous with costing 190 rs per square feet to you. Apart from flooring, they are used for bathroom and wall claddings.


What makes it be powerful is the white color, luster and its beautiful feature which makes it dignified as a subject of the international standard.

Dungri Makrana Marble

Approx Price: Rs. 55/ Square Feet

Design your floors with the Best of Dungri Makrana Marble: Since a long time, the use of marbles is growing and hence is becoming quite popular. Marble is considered to be the best stone for flooring irrespective of its other uses.


In the market variety of marbles are available, but this Dungri Makrana Marble from Mahaveer Marble is superior in quality when compared with other marbles. It polished with patches of black and blue stretching throughout its surface.

Dungri Makrana Marble Tiles are generally used in almost every part of the world. This marble featured with beautiful appearance and have a smooth surface. Makrana Dungri Marble famous for its fine finish and crystal clear pattern.


This kind of Dungri Makrana Marble doesn’t need any chemical reinforcement like that of Italian marble, no pinholes or no change of color and loss of polish.  These are practically verified and are used at locations like buildings and temples, mosques, churches, and monuments.


Their existence is counted before 1000 years and is confirmed to be a good quality marble which is milky white in color. It is available in different size and is guaranteed to prove their efficient stand on the floor.


The Dungri Makrana marble by Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. is available in every size and according to your requirements. The price we charge for this product is best in the market.


This dungri white marble now a day’s commonly used in making floors of houses as they are easy to maintain and install. Give us an opportunity serve you with best Dungri Makrana Marble Price.


Wonder White Marble

Approx Price of wonder white marble: Rs. 63 / Square Feet

Wonder White Marble is a well known and widely used stone in white marble community. There are various uses of this marble, such as it is used for flooring, countertop, kitchen flooring, wall cladding etc.


Mahaveer Marbles supplies Wonder White Marble with unique features and incomparable quality. The stone we provide is distinctive from the market and that too at a low price.


The clear color of wonder white marble makes it a perfect option to use it in your place. This marble is used for flooring in home and other commercial spaces.


This marble is going to avoid extra expenses and would fit on the floor perfectly to make your home look at its best. white marble stands on with an international standard to satisfy the best of your objective and doesn’t really put an extra effort to design your home space.


The marbles are available in a square size and you can cut it into a shape of your choice. The pure wonder white is completely white and doesn’t really have any extra marks on its surface.


Generally, this marble is used for interior and exterior purpose. Sometimes huge bathtubs and swimming pool corridors are made with this marbles as wonder white marble is not slippery or slimy.


Wonder white is not just used for flooring but also for wall cladding. It is considered best in the industry and is available at a pocket-friendly price. Its features are well distinguished and that makes it the perfect stone that fit every home needs.

This marble is amazingly styled and doesn’t really cost extra in comparison to other marbles. For more information about the Wonder White Marble one can visit Mahaveer marbles website and have a look at its designs and priorities.

Dharmetta White Marble

Approx Price: Rs. 57/ Square Feet

Dharmetta White Marble: To make your interior and exterior design to the best level, selection right marbles is always important.  In this case, Dharmetta White Marble can be the one of the best solution for you.


One must know that White Dharmetta Marble is hugely demanded in domestic and International markets. You can get this marble in a standard size and at a reasonable thickness. This marble after its application gives a nice feel and adorable look. 


 Dharmetta White Marble Slabs are mainly available in the market for making your space appearance beautiful. If you are really in need of building your floor for kitchen, rooms, hall and other portions, then this marble could be the best choice for you.


Usually, people go for use of marble due to its attractive designs because it is the main thing that actually gives you the attractive look place. The main feature of Dharmetta White Marble is its beautiful shine and glace.


It is the main reason that why most of the people prefer this Dharmetta White Marble for commercial as well as residential purpose. When comes to this marble, it has an eye-catching design and smooth surface.



Where can you buy?

If you are looking for White Dharmetta Marble to purchase, you can visit Mahaveer marbles at any time. Here you can purchase this White Marble at Best Dharmetta White Marble Price.


However, you will find a number of white marble in the market, but this white marble is considered to be always the best option for customers.   

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