Red Granite

Red Granite exquisite and delightful shading and surface make it an extraordinary alternative for the deck. Furthermore, it is additionally useful for making counter and table tops and other furniture. Red Granites has man qualities like uniqueness, style and toughness, and so forth.


Indian red stones are recognized by their alluring example of orange-red and dark streaks. Broadly utilized as a part of the development business, these rocks are mined and utilizing bleeding edge advancements. We give Indian red granite at any quantity.


What is Red Granite


Red rocks are highly favored as Asian style for their rich striking and sentimental appearance. The utilization of red stone is found in Ancient Egyptian pyramids for both auxiliary and ornamental design. Its exquisite and delightful shading and surface make it an awesome choice for the deck.


It is extraordinary compared to other boss and production which deals in advertising for every selective marble. It is best among merchant. Mahaveer marble undertaking is among the best merchants, providers for all classes of marbles. It has a great dealership with customers and clients.


Features of Red Granite

  • Durable
  • Available in smooth and rough finish
  • Stain resistant
  • Non Slippery Texture


What is Red Granite made of?

It shapes from the moderate crystallization of magma beneath Earth’s surface. Stone is made primarily out of quartz and feldspar with minor measures of mica, amphiboles, and different minerals. This mineral creation generally gives stone red, pink, dim, or white shading with dull mineral grains unmistakable all through the stone.


What is Red Granite Used For?


Red granite is mainly used for tabletops, countertops, kitchen platforms, flooring, wall cladding, inside the bathroom and many more uses according to your requirements. But you can also use in a space according to your choice. 


Peach Red Granite is a sort of red rock quarried in China. This stone is particularly useful for Counter tops and bars, Interior divider boards, Water dividers and wellsprings, stairs, landmarks and other plan ventures. Moreover, it is additionally useful for making counter and table tops and other furniture. 


Different Kinds of Red Granite?


The granites are of various kinds


  • Ruby Red Granite
  • Red Cats Eye Granite
  • N.H. Red Granite
  • Lakha Red Granite
  • Mexican Red Granite
  • Royal Red Granite
  • Imperial Red Granite
  • Janss Red Granite
  • Multicolour Red Granite


Check the Below the Best Seller of Red Granite World Wide


Sindoori Red Granite

 Approx Price: 130 / Square Feet

Sindoori Red Granite is the perfect choice of granite to be used in your homes as well as official spaces. It is most commonly used as the countertops of the kitchen and other places.


Sindoori Red Granite countertops are well known for the elegant finishing and its stain free nature. It enables you to get prevent from external heat, and also provides you with smooth edges.


The best part above all is that, it is very easy to clean and hence you now don’t need to waste much of your time and labor on cleaning it. One more thing you really need to appreciate about it is cheaper than that of the other granites in the market.


Sindoori red granite is a very common form of granite which is most commonly found in different parts of the world including India, France, Germany, Spain, Sweeden, UK, USA and much more.


It is a most common choice of granites to be used in hotels, restaurants, casinos, bars, offices, spas and saunas, health care centers, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, and various other commercial places.


The best part of this wonderful granite form is that you can easily avail it in two forms i.e. slabs as well as tiles. The large slabs of the Sindoori Red Granite are a little bit expensive than that of the smaller blocks.


Sindoori Red Granite Slabs is one of the most demanded products in the Indian granite industry and hence the manufacturers try their best to provide it to the consumers of different sizes.


Features of Sindoori Red Granite


  • Sindoori Red Granite enables you to get an elegant and smooth look along with very smooth edges.
  • The maintenance of this wonderful granite form is very easy to do. It is very easy to clean and do not need much of your hard work and time to spend on it.
  • It is very much durable and hence provides you perfect heat resistance, weather change resistance, and much more.
  • The price tag it includes is also very low and hence one of the affordable granite forms you can easily go for.

Imperial Red Granite

 Approx Price: 145 / Square Feet

Imperial Red Granite is among the most commonly used ones which are exceptionally beautiful and are qualitative in nature. Indian granites carry a distinctive position in every one homemaking. 


These are a major kind of natural stones provided in the market which are famous for their world class stone quality and selling. Something like that of Imperial Red Granite stones is considered as natural stones across the country.


This Granite have crystal forms available all throughout their body which are extracted from natural igneous rocks. These granites are quite hard in nature and that makes granite a harder rock which is resistant to high temperature.


This granite tiles are suitable not just for household projects but even are used for flooring at commercial spaces, offices, and homes. Imperial red granite slabs are available in various size and thickness.


These varieties of granites are available in big as well as small blocks. These species are used to frame up the kitchen tops tiles making it a better choice as suppliers of new imperial red granites tiles for various projects. 


This Granite is a hard stone of red background with light blue quartz dots which can be used in household settings. These red granites have the largest sales share among all the red granites and are one of the major sources of revenue to the Indian stones providers.


Imperial red is best with a qualitative approach to the place they are fitted into. But one can count it as demerit which says that these make the surface slippery if this is wiped with water a lot.

Lakha Red Granite

Approx Price: 180 / Square Feet

Lakha Red Granite in red color is quite different from other granites and also attractive from them. As per the customer requirements, availability of Lakha Red Granite Stone is possible all the time.


Thus the demand for Lakha red granite is high among the clients and customers due to its beautiful color and smooth surface. Some of the best specifications are heat resistance, polished surface, and flamed & bush hammered.


It is one of the granites which most of the people prefer for residential and commercial purposes. Generally, people try different colors for their home when it comes to granite. For instance, designing countertop especially in the kitchen.


If you are looking for Lakha red granite slabs, then they are mainly available in all the sizes and thickness. More than that, you can also purchase this granite at a cut to size, slabs, tiles, and gangsaw. 


Usually, for its smooth edges and color, people like to install this granite in kitchen as a countertop. However, on the other side, it is well suited for flooring, cladding and other purposes according to your requirements. 


Lakha Red granite is well-known granite in the market when it comes to purchasing. Its stylish appearance is the main thing that attracts a lot of peoples toward it.  This red granite is supplied in Indian and overseas markets.


Thus the installation process is very easy for the builders and the maintenance is always flexible. When it comes to beautiful interior and exterior work, it is also said to be the most preferable granites to use. 


Mahaveer Marbles provide this marble at best price and that too with a premium quality. You can request us a call back for detailed information.

Tiger Red Granite

 Approx Price: 75 / Square Feet

Tiger Red Granite is one of the well-known granite used for multiple purposes in commercial and residential buildings. People who look for best and amazing granites for the floors, new house, office decorations and more can use the tiger red granites.


Tiger red granite could be the great choice for multipurpose usage with an appropriate price. The final tiger red granite product will be produced based on latest and high-level technologies.


The final from this granite is smooth and finished with excellent designs. Most of the people select this as one of their favorite and first choice to use it as wall finisher, floor, countertops, exterior and more.


It could be a better choice for the people who want to use this as floor finisher, wall, kitchen countertops and more. This granite is mostly founded in various parts of the world.


Mahaveer Marble also provides the best and suitable size of tiger red granites for various customers considering their inquiries. Now it’s one of the most wanted and used types of granite in different zones.


The availability of tiger red granite with us makes the customers get it easily from their destinations. We offer red granite at a price that is low compared to the market and with high quality.


This particular granite stone is available in different size slabs which helps the people to choose the different designs for various uses. The quality of this marble is very superior. 

Khalda Red Granite

Approx Price : 95 / Square Feet

Khalda red granite with colored mosaic red and is considered as the northern granite. Mostly these are applied in hotel, homes and even a variety of commercial sectors.


They make a great combination to the interiors and exteriors. The best one is their quality which makes it perfect in every setup.


These are generally into use for edges, stone dividers and building cladding at various places like lodgings, homes and business parts.


This Granite gives a fine finish and crystal clear pattern after its application. it is also used for many purposes such as a countertop, wall cladding, bathroom flooring, house flooring etc.


It generally hard and sturdy with unrivaled shine and have quite a high degree of endurance. It is outstanding with providing high elasticity with high-pressure proportion and strength.


The Khalda red granite is well red and black in color which makes it a perfect combination for making the best quality design of the floor.


These are formed deep within the continental plates across the earth crust when the larva introduces into the rocks which are embedded into the crust.


Mahaveer Marbles will provide you this product with some extra featurs that can not be denied. We will also provide you with granite that have a premium quality.


The Price we charge for the product is also low and reasonable for the product. Our aim is to give best possible customer service at lowest possible price and quality.

Fire Red Granite

Approx Price : 140 / Square Feet

Fire Red Granite is deep red in color with rare black grains that is made from intrusive igneous rocks that is acquired in India. This kind of granite is widely acclaimed for uniformly and optimum compressive strength.


This granite is quite especially good and well designed for countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pools and other design projects. This fire red granite slab is quite hard and durable. 


This granite is going to give maximum benefit to the construction industry as fixing it, is not a difficult task. It is available in varied sizes at an affordable price.


This is also called fire road granite and can be processed into quite polished, swan cut, sanded, rock faced, sandblasted & tumbled. With laboratory testing, these are the features, water absorption, compressive strength, density, flexural strength.


This granite is originated from the igneous rock which is used for countertops and other specially applications. It is evolved with a long process which is going to bring on a top quality building material and relatively costs more than other varieties.


These granites are exported from everywhere and are considered to be highly valuable rock. These have their origin from southern India and might exhibit soft qualities making it very ideal for kitchen with the fire red granite countertop.


The rocks are considered to be installed as an amazing building material. Fire red granite is going to bring on the best precise measurement of the area where the counter is to be installed must be made first to avoid size mismatch.


Mahaveer Marble charge reasonable as well as low price for the product and also try to provide quality that is not provided by any player in the market.

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