Pink Marbles

In the tired and stressful life, all of us want to have a lovely time at a perfect place to enjoy. So nothing can be better than our own home. To make that a perfect one, the pink marble can be considered as an amazing decor manager for your home. But the question is, “there is something special in pink marble ?”


So the answer is yes, this marble is associated with their emergence from the metamorphic rocks. Pink marbles are composed of calcite or the dolomite which are generally the carbonate minerals. There are multiple uses of pink marble such as flooring, countertop, wall cladding etc.


What calcite or dolomite give to the marble is the polished surface which makes it perfect for construction, building sculptures and even for the purpose of industrial usage. This pink marble is also called the onyx pink marble which is only available in the pink color and no other variant is found for it.


Safe Handling of Pink Marble


The Pink marble is surely found below the earth surface and for that reason, they are both brittle and heavy. This is the reason they are liable to break with poor handling. Other than that, it can also be damaged if these are exposed to acids and strong alkalis like that of lemon juice, vinegar, and wine.


Even it is seen that once these substances fall over the pink marble they start damaging it with making its surface porous and letting it loose its polish. Although safe handling of pink marble is necessary but that doesn’t mean that it is not durable or strong.


Pink marble is available in a wide range throughout the world. This variant of marbles is going to bring on elegance to your home and make you feel the pleasure of living along with fine finishing and crystal clear pattern. We Mahaveer Marbles provide pink marble at the best price.


Importance & Availability of Pink Marble


The Pink marble varieties are convenient to buy and are available in different shades. Among all the variety of marble pink variety is delicate, pure and pleasant to emanate peace and tranquility to those who are interested to live the best life at their living space.


The color of the marble is quite soft and gentle which permits sophisticated creativity and provides with a strong space to enhance your personality. This kind of Pink marble are applied on counter tops, facades, floors and internal walls with serving a spectacular appearance living no corner untouched.


Moreover, these can make the entrance of your home look best with bringing on sophistication and elegance. Even one can use the piece of such marbles to write out the expression of their heart and gift it to someone they love the most. This marble can be used as a material for decoration.


Check the Below the Best Selling Pink Marble World Wide


Udaipur Pink Marble

 Approx Price: Rs. 25 / Square Feet

Udaipur pink marble: Marbles represent the best of designing and décor of homes and other spaces. When it comes to Udaipur pink marble the look and design of building where it is used looks so adorable and beautiful.


Udaipur pink marble is among the best marbles which are fascinated to ages and has been used in innumerable attractive building, temples, monuments, statues, carving, and many others.


When it comes to the Udaipur pink marble, then the palaces and forts stand the best to explain their priority. The main reason behind the use of this marble is its everlasting beauty, its durability and it gives a fine touch of pink color.


Udaipur pink marble carries the best of identity that is the power of center of attraction. This stone is metamorphosed rock which is pink in color with the plain surface or even mottled surface. This pink marble is good and polish with an easy workability because of low hardness.


If we look into the price of Udaipur Pink Marble, then the price of it per square feet is around 30 rs. Udaipur pink marble is quite popular among the designers and architects across the construction industry.


Our industry serving this variety of Udaipur Pink Marble due to which it become possible for us to serve you with this pink marble. This marble has a variety of uses such as it is used for flooring, countertop, wall cladding, and kitchen backsplash.


We offer Udaipur Pink Marble with the best quality and perfection to build every single space with a pride to express beauty. Looking forward towards the features of these marbles, these are flawless and are available at a quite reasonable price.


This marble is counted to be strong enough to withstand high temperature and manage to enhance the beauty of every location they are fitted into. This beautiful marbles can now be bought online from us at the Best Udaipur Pink Marble Price.

Paloda Pink Marble

Approx Price: Rs. 30 / Square Feet

Paloda Pink Marble: House grooming is now a day’s getting into fashion and what makes it active is the introduction of special kinds of marbles called the Paloda Pink Marble which is going to make the space look not just gorgeous but also active in every manner.


The priority of these marbles is not just its color but also its texture with delivering a premium attraction. Mostly these paloda pink marbles are into confusion for being either Indian or Italian origin. When it comes to quality, there is no compromise in their quality in any other aspect.


These marbles don’t have any other options to try on the spaces. They do come in different tones of pink and are quite similar to those of Italian variety. paloda pink marble is recommended to be used both for interior and exterior walls and floors, countertops, mosaics, fountains and pools.


Paloda Pink Marble origin is purely Indian with the size of 450 square meters and has a polished surface with their availability in the form of slabs of 120cm x 240cm and the next sizes are also available.


The marble variety is tested in the lab with satisfying qualities like water absorption, density, compressive strength, and even the flexural strength. Paloda Pink Marble has consistent is dark rose and the pink shade contain black diagonal veins.


The most important factor to choose the marble is the polish surface that would set itself over the floor and this is going to give it a completely new and renovated look. Paloda Pink Marble Flooring not just going to look polished but also is going to bring on a status to the living style.


This marble is available with a concerned price range and makes a distinctive value when fixed on the floor.  There are available a lot of options which makes it being sold online for the customers with a variety of size and glow at Best Paloda Pink Marble Price

Makrana Pink Marble

Approx Price: 80 / Square Feet

Makrana Pink Marble: What comes in your mind after hearing the word “Makrana”? The answer is Marble. Makrana Pink Marble is one of the finest and the oldest marble and is a great quality of makrana marble that does not need any chemical reinforcements.


One of the best dealers of Makrana Pink Marble, Mahaveer Marble Pvt.Ltd. is among the best dealers, suppliers for all category of marbles. We have a reputed position in the sales market.


Makrana is the name of the village and the marble produce from here is known as Makrana Marbles works in 900 mines in the several ranges of the Aravallis.


Product Details of Makrana Pink Marble

Application Area

Flooring, Wall Tile


Slab, Tile, Cut-to-Size


18-20 mm

 Product Description:

Product Name

Pink Marble


Makrana Marble


Homes, Offices, Temples and many





                     18- 20 mm



Makrana Pink Marble is highly demanded for their features like unique shape, designs, and texture, highly durable, glazed look, lightweight, easy to use and longer life.


Backed by the assistance of our skilled professionals and the hi-tech infrastructure unit, we have been able to develop our product range with high quality.

Our infrastructure is completely equipped with various machines. Give us an inquiry call to get Best Makrana Pink Marble Price From our sales executive.

Salem Pink Marble

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet

Salem Pink Marble: If we see to the construction and décor of any location, the flooring is considered as a vital part of it. So to make that a priority based element in construction, the Salem pink marble can be an alternate choice.


It can be considered a unique choice to be used in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms and even other spaces of your choice. The use of this marble is going to add value to your space.


Salem Pink Marble Flooring serve a unique look of marble instantly with adding value to your home. It is considered one of the most demanding and luxurious materials for floors and countertops.


For the interior designing, Salem Pink Marble Tiles are considered the best for flooring with delivering innumerable priorities and properties.


This is one of the natural stone which is quite similar to that of granite and is managed with the priority of floor designs. This marble has some qualities such as durability, clear texture and smooth finish. 


This marble is available with flooring designs that are sorted with making the designs amazing to help your home look best in every condition. It is water stain resistant with its glaze and smooth and are found in the different color of pink.


You can Avail this beautiful marble at Best  Salem pink marble Price with us. We provide this pink marble with better quality from industry standards and with some extra features. 

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