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White Marble is the most high-quality marble all over the world. we at the Mahaveer marble are the leading supplier of white of marble in India as well as worldwide.  White marble comes with a lot of variations & different styles which gives you a countless choice to select the white marble from, Even everyone knows’s Taj Mahal is the 7th wonder in the world which is completely made of white marble. 

As you can find different types of marble in it like Morwad Marble, White Morwad Marble, Makrana Marble, Makrana White Marble, Statuario Marble, Indian Statuario Marble, Opal White Marble, Rajnagar White Marble, Rajnagar Marble, Makrana Marble, Makrana  White Marble, Dungri Marble these are top rated selling product in the white marble category. 

White Marble is mainly used for home flooring to give a natural & elegant look which appeals you. the important part feature of white marble is never getting fade. it glows according to the age “the older the white marble is the more beautiful it will look”

Check the Below the Best Seller of White Marble World Wide


Cheema Granite

Approx Price Of Cheema Granite : 70 / Square Feet

The soft white background with wonderful dark veins and contrasting rich features are definitely going to compile you to choose us every time. We meet out the requirements of adoring your floor, walls and kitchen countertops. Intricate design and style are going to give excellence to your home decor.

The beautiful Cheema granite stone is one of the hardest Natural stone. Dissimilar to plastic counterpart’s granite surfaces ensures durability and grace. The resistance for acidic spells, fruit juices and cleaners make granite as one of the best counter tops for your kitchen.

Our high-quality Cheema granite slabs wood showcase the original color no matter how roughly you use it. Even if you happen to technically dirty the granite, you can evacuate all kinds of dirt through commercial cleaners. We avoid any kind of extra expense for the inconvenience by meeting out the schedule due date of delivery.

Our overall cost for the product is inclusive of shipping charges and Taxes. We work towards creating a dramatic effect on your home decor. Every day, our team is dedicated in manufacturing a new variety of granite to make things more exaggerated. 

Once you choose us for buying the  Cheema granite, there is a possibility that you will be getting the largest variety of products to choose from. Our high-quality granite is going to company you for a lifetime. They will give you substantial savings on time and money.

We make sure that power handling in absolute e professional and excellent. Therefore, we provide you with a rough estimate about our product. You are free to address your queries to our customer care cell. We have no problems in clearing your doubts and dealing with any of your concern. So if you are looking forward to getting the best quality Cheema granite along with customer care service, choose us today. You can check cheema granite price & range of the granite.

Tiger Brown Granite

Tiger Brown Granite Approx Price : 75 / Square Feet

It is the granite mainly used in the commercial projects as well as residential projects.  As we all know when it comes to tiger brown granite, the look is always the best thing for the customers and clients in terms of attractiveness. It is the main reason that most of the people go for tiger brown granite.

Thus the tiger brown granite is mainly available in the form of Tiger brown granite slabs and blocks. It is also very reasonable in terms of purchasing for the exterior and interior projects. If you are looking for this beautifully designed granite then it is possible to purchase from the market.

When it comes to building, temple, mosque and other important places, the floors are mainly designed with the help of tiger brown granite. It is the granite which will attract the people high time. Generally, this tiger brown granite has a look like a tiger skin color which is also considered to be the major plus for this granite.

It is also the main reason where it takes the good exports. Also, when it comes to price, it is quite decent for square feet. Also, you can easily buy tiger brown granite from market without any difficulties because of its demand among the clients and customers.

When it comes to features, tiger brown granite has the amazing features that you can follow. It has the attractive patterns along with the smooth texture. For your information, it is also considered to be the stain proof. Generally, this granite is used for counter tops as well as commercial complexes.

So, people who all are looking for this granite to purchase, you can easily purchase it from the market. Especially it will be good for the countertops of a kitchen.  Tiger brown Granite will always bring the impression among the people that who all are visiting your place. Also, it is easy to fit and maintenance. 

Diamond Blue Granite

Diamond Blue Granite Approx Price : 95 / Square Feet

For all the interior and exterior decoration, there are very granites are used to decorate in a grand manner. In this case, here we are with the good and attractive design granite called diamond blue granite. It is one of the granites where most of the people prefer for the flooring purpose.

When it comes to flooring purpose, diamond blue is considered to be one of the granites to install. Moreover, it is one of the granites that you can use for the counter top, steps, wall tiles, flooring and more. Because of its amazing usage, people like to prefer this granite for this residential and commercial purpose work.

For all the interior and exterior work, diamond blue granite is the granite which is said to be the well supported one. For its rich texture, diamond blue plays the vital role among the builders that who all seeking for the commercial floor purposes. When it comes to texture, the rich blue is the main reason that makes the people to feel it is the beautifully designed granite. Here in the market, you can purchase Diamond Blue Granite price that whenever you want.

Diamond blue granite which is widely appreciated by the customers for its accuracy and scratch resistant nature. For its great texture, it is considered to be one of the finest granites. By visiting the market, you can buy diamond blue granite it any size according to your floor and counter top.

When it comes to usage, it is one of the granites that generating the high demand among the customers and clients. So, people who all are looking for the best granites for floor or counter tops, then this could be the best option to select at anytime. Also, according to the requirements, you can purchase this granite at a reasonable price. 

Multi Granite

Multi Granite Approx Price : 70 / Square Feet

Granites are mostly used while building the new house, apartments, commercial buildings and more. Granites provide amazing look for the floors, walls, outdoor unit, etc. So people are going for granite stones which are easily available in the market with different rates based on the brand.

Granite stones are obtained naturally from various parts of the world. Each of them has their own features and unique quality. Multi granite is also one among the brand of granites available in various parts. People also have huge requirements on the multi granite brand to be utilized with new buildings and houses as well.

Multi granite stone is used for flooring, walls, tabletops, countertops, outdoor unit and more. You can get the multi granite in a different size, height, thickness and rates. This stone is also available in red colour. The price for this particular stone will be around Rs.105 for every cubic feet.

The price of multi granite will also get varied based on the location and bulk orders from the customer end. The companies also work keenly to provide the products based on the requirements of the customers to get fulfilled with their services.

The utilization of multi granite takes place from several years now. Usage of granite stone for homes, commercial places offer the grand look to the people who live or visit the place.

You can enquire with the granite companies regarding the requirements and various other details through the online website. Now every granite sellers and companies were associated with an online portal to connect with the customers easily.

The choice of purchase can be made with the help of online and offline mode based on the requirements. It’s obvious to use granite stones for newly build buildings for both residential and commercial purposes. Companies also offer the multi granites with different designs and sizes as well. 

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