Makrana Marble

Makrana Marble is one of the best quality marbles mined from Makrana town of Rajasthan and so this marble gets its name on the name of town Makrana. White Makrana is used in many historical monuments such as Taj Mahal and Victoria Memorial in India.


Makrana marble is basically used for decorating the corporate offices, houses, hotels, restaurants, and skyscrapers etc. It is one of the hardest, strongest and diaphanous marble which offer you more durable results you ever had.


Apart from this; it is one of the most beautiful marble which is among one of the choice of stone to most of the architectures, and constructors. The best thing about Makrana marble is that it gets shinier with the passage of time.


Tajmahal is one of the most beautiful historical monuments which are completely constructed from Makrana Marble. It is the symbol of peace and love and also is considered to be one of the eight wonders of the world.


Wherever you are going to use Makrana marble in your office or home, it will add more to the beauty of your décor. You can also use this marble in combination with other stones. You can easily use this marble for wall cladding, kitchen countertops and much more.


It is basically a calcite store which does not include any chemical treatment during construction phase and hence 100% natural white stone. One of the best qualities of Makrana marble is that it is resistant to water seepage due to the presence of 98% calcium carbonate and rest 2% impurities.


Makrana Marble is one of the oldest forms of marble in India which is includes only cutting and chiseling process once drawn from the mines.  It sometimes also shows some different shades too like pure white, white with grey shades, pink shades, and many others.


Due to the reason of huge demand of Makrana marble in the European countries, it also exported to various countries like Canada, Russia, and other Southeast Asian countries.

Types of Makrana Marbles

According to the pattern and colors of the Makrana marbles, it is classified into different types which are:

  • Makrana White Marble; is a white color stone perfect to be used for constructing buildings and sculptures.
  • Dungri Marble; is marble of grey patterns on white, which is mostly used for flooring purposes.
  • Kumari Marble; is one of the most economical forms of Makrana marble which comes in white color with grey and brown line patterns.
  • Albeta Marble; is a white color store having dark-colored or black lines.
  • Brown Albeta Marble; is a white marble with brown patterns used for constructing buildings.
  • Makrana Pink Marble; is a pink colored marble used for decorating houses.

Features of the Makrana Marbles

  • The marble does not include any chemical process during the development process and hence is entirely a natural stone.
  • The strength of the marble is one another feature which makes it one of the most durable white marble stone in the market.
  • Makrana marble is an India stone which comes up in natural color and striking white color.

Check the Below the Best Selling Makrana Marble World Wide


Makrana White Marble 

Approx Price: 390 / Square Feet

Makrana White Marble: It is the best quality of marble in the world. It needs no chemical reinforcement like Italian marble, no pinholes, no color change and loss of polish. Makrana White Marble is practically verified by the buildings and numerous temples, mosques, churches, and monuments in India.


What is Makrana White Marble?

This is the most common type calcitic stone of white color used for sculpture and in building construction for flooring and wall cladding. Makrana Marble Tiles are provided by us are of a quality material which is tested by our skilled professional.


Product Details:




                   Tile & Slabs


            Makrana Marble


                   16 mm

         Unit size ( mm x mm)

                   600 X 600


               Flooring Wall

Product Description:-

Makrana Marble is one of the best natural marbles and appreciated for its perfect white look and smoothness. It is a good option for flooring. At Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd, we deliver Makrana White Marble Tiles as per our customer’s requirement. 


We are committed to providing the right material within the right time at the right place. We provide rich quality, low price, more collections, latest collections, stock exclusive collections, good services, Indian and imported natural stones collections. 


Why Makrana White Marble?

Makrana white marble is the one of the oldest marble in India. Many monuments Temples, mosques, churches etc like Taj- Mahal and Victoria Memorial is made up of makrana white.


What is the look of Makrana White Marble?


Makrana marble Flooring looks like Milky White with the different figurative design. Makrana marble comes with high thickness slab and low thickness slab.


What is the price of Makrana White Marble?

Makrana white marble Price starts from 390/ Square feet.

Dungri Makrana Marble

 Approx Price: 75 / Square Feet

Dungari Makrana Marble: Since a long time, the use of marbles is growing and hence is becoming quite popular. Dungri Makrana is one of the widely used makrana marble. it is used in residential and commercial buildings with both interior and exterior use.


In the market variety of marbles are available, but the Dungari Makrana Marble we provide is of the best quality. it is polished with patches of black and blue stretching throughout the marble surface.


Dungari Makrana Marble Flooring gives the beautiful appearance along with a smooth surface. These kinds of marbles give a fine finish and are durable in terms of quality.


Dungari Makrana Marble is truly not a calcite stone but it is only a dolomite stone.  It doesn’t need any chemical reinforcement like that of Italian marble, no pinholes or no change of color and loss of polish.


Dungari Makrana Marble is practically verified and are used at locations like buildings and numerous temples, mosques, churches, and monuments. Their existence is counted on over 1000 years and is confirmed to be a good quality Makrana Dungri marble.


Mahaveer Marble provides this marble at a price that gives a value for your money and also at a quality that is far better than market available products.


Dungari Marble is available in blocks, slabs, and tile form but we can also provide you this stone with customized size according to your requirements and specifications.


This Makrana Dungri Marble is now a day’s commonly used in making floors of houses and is easy to maintain and install.  Contact us to get best Dungri Makrana Marble Price.

Kumari Marble

 Approx Price: 25 / Square Feet

Kumari Marble: This is the finest and most used brand of marble for various purposes. Kumari Marble is the best and most preferable marble to be used in enormous places such as walls, floors, tabletops, countertops, slabs and much more.


You can buy this marble from Mahaveer Marble at a low price. The utilization of Kumari Marble seems unavoidable in this scenario, so people rush through to get the full-fledged and high-quality marbles for personal uses.


People who are having any thoughts about the kumari marble to purchase for personal use can directly approach with the Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. We provide the kumari Makrana marble with unique style and size.


Kumari marble is one of the best and non-chemical marble available in the market right now. You can use this marble for different usages such as flooring, walls, slabs, countertops, tabletops and more.


Kumari marble is found in various pattern which makes it easy for the customers to select the perfect match for the house. It’s obvious to design the house or commercial buildings with the highly preferable and excellent marble available with the marketplaces.


Key features of Kumari Marble


  • Kumari marble flooring gives an attractive look and is amazing to see with rich textures.
  • You can get this marble at an affordable price.
  • It is more suitable for multiple purposes and more efficient as well.
  • Kumari marble also has the quality of heat resistance.


You can check the best Kumari Marble price and other information’s related to the kumari Makrana marble from the online website before finalizing the best products.  This could be a great opportunity for the customers to purchase based on the requirements.

Albeat Marble

Approx Price: 950 / Square Feet

Albeta Marble: It is always important for the people to check that what kind of marble and color is required to complete the floor designing process.  Albeta marble is one of its kinds & will give you the pleasant and desired output when it comes to best flooring and countertop experience.


If you are looking for the premium level of quality Albeta Marble for the flooring purpose or countertops, then you could directly visit Mahaveer Marble.


The major highlight of Albeta Marble is its attractiveness and it comes with a brown pattern as well as milky white color. For its quality, it has garnered a huge amount of applause from customers and clients.


This marble is mainly used for flooring purpose which actually doesn’t require any chemical processing. It is the main thing that makes Albeta marble a most special one among the customers.


If any customers who are looking for enhancing their interior and exterior designs beauty, then this could be the best marble to choose. Albeta Marble flooring will give a gorgeous look to your project.


Why Albeta Marble is Special?

First of all, one should know that the Albeta marble Tiles are mainly manufactured in India which generally leads to increase in peoples curiosity to purchase it. 


Features of Albeta Marble 

Here we are providing some of the better features to check out for your reference. Let’s have a look at these given features below.


  • The Albeta marble has a smooth surface which often offers you the best look.
  • In terms of look, it has a beautiful appearance.
  • It gives you the long-lasting outcome.

These are the best features that everyone is seeking for their interior and exterior designs.

Brown Albeta Marble

 Approx Price: 140 / Square Feet

Brown Albeta Marble: Smooth finishing and rich in texture marble are the qualities that make marble a special stone. If you are really interested in buying Indian makrana marble, then Brown Albeta Marble is the best chance for you to buy at a time.


Brown Albeta marble is one of the marbles that you can be used for residential as well as commercial building purpose. The marble you can purchase in slab, tiles and customized pieces. 


For the better outcome, people would always show their interest towards the good quality marble. Brown albeta marble is always the best choice for you to choose for flooring purpose. 


This Brown albeta marble flooring provides you with the desired outcome compared with the other marbles. People who are looking for this marble to purchase; you can visit our website at any time and select the customized pieces or slab according to your interest. 


Features of Brown Albeta Marble


Hereunder some of the features of Brown Albeta Marbles are given you can have a quick look at these.

  • If you want your interior and exterior design in a smoother surface, then this could be your best option.
  • After the installation, the maintenance of this marble is very easy.
  • It is also considered to be the heat restrictive.
  • When it comes to color pattern, Brown Albeta marble has long-lasting color.

Mahaveer Marbles provide the best quality product at a low price. Keep Visiting our website for more products. For more information, you can request us a free callback. 



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