Granite Tiles

White granite are luxurious and durable. white granite tops our list as the most desirable.white granite beautifully décor home beauty of white granite is totally different

Benefits of white granite:

  • Stunning beauty.
  • Bright and spacious atmosphere
  • Strength and resistance to wear
  • Great compatibility


  • Flawless
  • Smooth
  • Attractive look

Pearl White Granite are offered for flooring and counter tops in kitchen and bathroom for their colour and good textures. This Granite looks great in interiors and exteriors as well. You can use these Pearl White Granite for wall panelling in any area of your home like living room or bath area.


· Fine Finishing

· Bright color

· Better for interiors as well exteriors


· intricate texture

· best granite

White Galaxy Granite is known for their white colour. It is a very good product and highly recommended for flooring. Its colour and texture are very attractive. The White Galaxy Granite is also used for the Counter tops and decoration purpose.


Milky white colour


Easy Maintenance



Smooth Texture


Check the Below the Best Seller of White Granite World Wide

​Black Granite Tiles

Pearl White Granite Approx Price : 60 / Square Feet

Pearl white granite is one of the best white granite forms which is basically found in China. This is a perfect stone to be used for your exterior and interior walls and floor applications.

You can also use it in your countertops, monuments, mosaic, fountains, pools, wall capping, stairs, window sills, and various other design projects.

Pearl White Granite is also known as G3609 Granite, G456 Granite, G629 Granite, moon white and much more. White is a symbol of beauty and peace which when mixed perfectly with other contrasting colors adds more to the beauty of your walls.

It is one of the first choices of most of the builders and other people also to be used in their offices, residential accommodations and much more. This beautiful granite form is quite efficient of providing the feeling of peace in your mind.

Pearl White Granite is very much efficient of providing a perfect resistance to heat, and other weather change conditions. Another best thing about this granite form is its strength which really needed to be appreciated.

Features of Pearl White Granite

Pearl White Granite is one of the topmost choices which enable you to get various features such as:

  • You can easily process the pearl white granite into polished sawn cut, sanded, rock-faced, sandblasted, tumbled and much more.
  • The pearl white granite includes very fine finishing which provides it a very elegant look.
  • It includes intricate textures which add more to your flooring and makes it look just perfect.
  • Pearl White Granite provides resistance to you from heat and other weather change conditions.
  • It is very strong in nature and hence provides perfect strength to your flooring.
  • It is very easy to maintain. You can easily clean it by just mopping once and hence very reliable for you.

​Cheema Granite Tiles

White Galaxy Granite Approx Price : 193/ Square Feet

White Galaxy Granite is well known for the white color. It is quite efficient of providing peace to your mind and makes it fresh. Durability and easy maintenance are one of the amazing features of this wonderful granite form which makes it one of the most commonly used in homes as well as offices also.

Its color and texture are very much attractive and is most commonly used in countertops, flooring, decorating purposes, monuments, mosaic, exterior and interior walls, fountains, pools and much more.

The White Galaxy Granite is also a better alternative to the Kashmir White Granite. It is one of the strongest granite forms which look amazing on dark shed cabinet. It is one of the whitest granite among all different types of white granites.

The medium grained look of this white granite is just awesome which is embedded with white to cream granulites along with clear crystals of varied shapes and sizes. The White galaxy granite is also known as Biano Galaxy Granite or Galaxy Weiss Granite etc.

The white galaxy granite is quite efficient to provide a classy look for your flooring and better to be used for your various purposes.

Features of White galaxy granite

White galaxy granite is fully featured granite which is the first choice of most of the people. Various features of this marvelous granite which makes it one of the top rankers in the market of granites are:

  • White galaxy granite is milky white in color which provides an amazing look at your countertops, monuments, flooring and much more.
  • White galaxy granite is well polished, sawn cut, sanded, rock-faced, sandblasted, and tumbled and also includes a very smooth texture which makes it absolutely a masterpiece to be used.
  • The white galaxy granite is perfectly designed to provide you perfect resistance from heat and changing temperature.

​Lakha Granite Tiles

S white granite Approx Price : 85 / Square Feet

It is the white granite which is well known for its amazing craft. This S white granite is mainly used for the commercial purpose especially they used for the floor. However, on the other side, most of the people are keenly interested in purchasing to build the floor for the residential purpose at anytime.

This granite is the well-known granite for its great finishing touch that actually impresses the customers as well as clients. The major highlight of this s white granite is its attractive look. Also, the maintenance for the people is also very simple and flexible.

When it comes to maintenance, it at least needs a minimum amount of stuff to clean and maintain. This beautifully designed white granite which is mainly used for different flooring applications. By following this granite, you can find the polished level of touch along with the split face.

These are the things mainly attract the people before going to select for the flooring purpose. If you are looking for S white granite to purchase, then it is possible for you to purchase at a reasonable amount of price.

In terms of S white granite, the appealing appearance is the main highlight of this granite. Also, the granite is highly resistant which comes up with unfavourable factors that are mainly processed in an excellent manner. When it comes to flooring purpose, it is the main prime choice among the people.

Also, it is used for sculpting statues and used for developing the handicraft stuff. If you are looking for this marble to purchase, then it available in the market at a low price at anytime. The installation process is also very much easy when it comes to fitting process. So, the people can also easily maintain and clean it without any difficulties.   

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