Brown Marble

Generally, when it comes to purchasing the brown marble for interior and exterior designs, most of the people will go and search for dark color marbles. It is also one of the better options for the people to choose for their building purpose.


For your information, the dark-colored marbles are always being the interest of customers when it comes to residential or commercial building purpose. It is one of the best stuff contains rich textures that offers the attractive amount of look.


Although, we all know that the dark color marbles are most of the people’s favorite but still people go for the color like brown marbles. When it comes to brown color marbles, we can find several categories that actually bring out the best level of outcome.


Usually, the types of brown marbles will be used for flooring, countertops, staircase, wall cladding and more. It is the main reason that why this brown type marble is loved by many. It is the main thing that the people are seeking for. Brown Marble is available in customized pieces.


If you are looking for the best type of brown marble tile for the residential as well as commercial purpose, then you can purchase it at a reasonable price. It is available with us for all the designing purposes of your home and offices.


Categories of Brown Marble


One should know that the brown marbles are available in the market in different categories. Here we are going to check out the categories of brown marbles, hope it will be useful for all the customers who are seeking stone for the designing purpose.


  • Scorpian brown marble
  • China brown marble
  • Tobacco brown marble
  • Fantasy brown marble
  • Prestige brown marble and more
  • Makrana Premium Brown Albeta


 Brown Marble Available in Different Sizes


Sometimes customer faces problems due to non-availability of marble slabs as per their requirements. But the brown marble slabs are easily provided to you with the requirement. These are the types of marbles which most of the customers seeking for their building purpose.


You can purchase the Brown marble tiles, slab and as per your wish. If you built your space by using light colors, then this brown colored tiles will be the best choice for you to choose it as a contrast. On the other side, it is also available at an affordable price when it comes to pricing.


Brown Marble Easy to maintain


During the period of a building process, it is very easy for the clients to fit the brown marbles according to their interest. Unlike other marbles, it doesn’t require much maintenance. The look of the brown marble texture is quite attractive and it has fine finishing with rich look.


Here you can find different marbles which are available as polished, unpolished and brushed. So, based on your interest, you can easily purchase this amazing marble at a lower price. From the living room to bath area, you can make use of this amazing marbles with better maintenance. Moreover, the marble is highly made of Indian stone.   


Check Below the Best Selling Brown Marbles World Wide


Makrana Premium Brown Albeta

Approx Price: 120 / Square Feet

Makrana Premium Brown Albeta is one of the best known brown marble due to its exotic and translucent qualities. It is a beautiful natural stone which brings about a sense of elegance and sophistication to your home as well as office accommodations.


The marble includes beautiful light green hues accented along with gold and white stripes on a brown base Indian marble. Makrana premium Brown Albeta stone includes fabricated and high tensile strength which provides a stipulated time frame for your flooring.


It is easily available in the form of tiles as slabs and hence you can easily use it in different constructional sites. Makrana premium Brown Albeta Marble flooring also includes a unique feature of flawless towards the light.


It is a wonderful form of marble which is used to build surfaces such as fireplace surrounds, small islands, walls, and bar tops. It’s unique and extra elegant feature enables you to use in different applications such as architecture and sculpture.


It is one of the most preferred natural stone to be used in exteriors as well as interior floorings and claddings. This wonderful marble is well known for its polished finish and hence you can well use it in different ways in your home as well as office decor.


Makrana premium Brown Albeta are beautiful and smooth surfaced marbles which form interesting patterns and leave you awestruck with its beauty and classy looks.


The elegance, sturdiness, natural green texture, and perfect finish are some of the best qualities which make the Makrana premium Brown Albeta one of the first choices for flooring and wall claddings.


If you are looking forward to perfect intricate designs then Makrana premium Brown Albeta is the perfect choice you can go along with. The marble is easily available with an accurate thickness which can be easily modified as per the needs of the customers.


Features of The Makrana Premium Brown Albeta


  • It is one of the best marbles in the market which includes the smooth and shiny surface.
  • The Makrana premium Brown Albeta marble is very easy to maintain and clean.
  • It includes a high texture and immense strength which enhances its durability to a next level.

Makrana Brown Statuario 

Approx Price: 70 / Square Feet

Makana Brown Statuario is one of the most suitable choices for flooring and wall decoration which perfectly matches your interior with the beauty of your garden.


You can easily use this marble for decorating your homes as well as your offices. The durability of this marbles is one of another thing which is appreciated more by a number of the users.


Making your flooring match with the furniture is one of the most desired things that most of us really wanted to have. It offers a feeling of peace and happiness in everyone’s life.


White and brown colored marbles are one of the first choices of most of the builders and interior decorators when its come a choice of using natural stone.


Makana Brown Statuario marble Texture is the best and it is used for countertops, flooring and many other purposes. White and brown color countertops for your kitchen bring tropical quality to your room.


It is known as Makana Brown Statuario marble due to the presence of fine finishing appearing on its surface. Makrana Brown Statuario, when arranged in different patterns, enables you to get amazing color patterns.


So should not think much before purchasing this marble for your dream project. The main reason behind so the use of this marble is its easy availability and unique pattern on its surface.


Features of the Makana Brown Statuario


Makana Brown Statuario is one of the perfect choices of white and brown color combination for flooring your home. The patterns on the marble are the just an additional thing which enhances the beauty of this marble.


  • The strength of the Makana Brown Statuario marble is one of the best things which make it a perfect choice to go on. It provides durability to your flooring and hence best to get long-lasting results.
  • The beauty and attractive looks are other things of this amazing piece of art which really needed to be appreciated.
  • The Makana Brown Statuario flooring includes a unique pattern when applied properly.
  • It is perfect to be used for flooring, countertops and wall cladding etc.
  • Makana Brown Statuario texture includes perfect finish and shines which enhances the beauty of your dream building.

Makrana Dungri Brown Albeta

 Approx Price: 95 / Square Feet

Makrana Dungri Brown Albeta are most widely used for constructional purposes in both residential and commercial platform. Marble plays a vital to decorate the interior or exterior part of the newly constructed buildings or home.


Now there are plenty of marbles varieties available in the market whereas Makrana Dungri Brown Albeta marble is one of them. Marbles are used as a flooring material, wall finishers, kitchen setups, counter tops, table tops and much more.


Mahaveer Marbles is available with excellent collections to match your requirements. Using marbles for your home or other buildings brings a wonderful look as well as immense feel.


Now its hardly possible to see a location where marble or marble tiles are not used. So the usage of marbles is in increased level compares to past. People often look for the unique and well-designed marbles to purchase for their personal needs.


So the buyers can connect with the Mahaveer Marbles to purchase products based on their requirements. This marble is also available in different patterns which become more convenient for the customers depends on their choice.


Features of Makrana Dungri Brown Albeta


Makrana dungri brown albeta marble is available with some of the marble companies. So the demand for this particular variety of marble is always there. This stone is much stronger, shiny and gives its service for a long period of time.


The common price for this marble is around Rs.100/square feet. The offers and discount provided by Mahaveer Marbles leads to the price which is lower than this.


People can also connect with us on our website i.e. on our online platform of selling the marble and granite. You can consult with our experts online or request a free call back to us.


Now you can make your purchase through online mode. You will receive excellent support form our side and you can purchase at an affordable price.


The marbles will be provided based on your requirements regarding size, quantity, and quality as well. We promise a quality product at lowest price.

Agariya Brown Lehariya Marble

Approx Price: 70 / Square Feet

Agariya brown lehariya marble is one of the marble which you can search for the purpose of your house. You can also purchase Agariya Brown Lehariya Marble at best price.


When it comes to marble designs, you can find several types of unique patterns for interior and exterior uses. Generally, there are a lot of people seeking marble for the residential & commercial work.


In this case, we always find the way and search for the perfect type of marbles to purchase. Thus the look is quite simple yet it has a unique pattern which brings an elegant outcome. 


But it is important for the people to purchase high-grade marble for the best work. If you are really interested in searching the marble which is used by all the peoples is of mid-range.


In the mid-range level, we can find the product called Agariya brown lehariya marble. This type of marble is mainly used for flooring purpose as well as countertops.


This simple look design marble is the main need for many customers and clients for future projects. If you want to build your building at a reasonable cost then this could be the best option that you  can exercise.


Features of Agariya Brown Lehariya Marble


Here we have mentioned some of the features of this brown marble you can check out these :

  • This marble is quite a high efficiency when compared to other marbles
  • It is considered as the marble that delivers long-lasting output.
  • It comes with great polish which makes this marble a high graded.
  • This marble beauty is elegance forever.


These are the main features that every customer and client should know before the purchase of this marble. It is always essential for all the customers to know features before going to purchase the marble. 


To make your dream house, Agariya brown lehariya marble flooring is the best option and gives your floor a long lasting life.


JK Brown Marble

 Approx Price: 110 / Square Feet

JK brown marble is one of the few marbles that bring beauty to your place. This marble is widely used and because of its affordability and uniqueness. 


For flooring purpose, there are many marbles available in the market to purchase at an affordable price, but only a few patterns of marble will provide you with the wonderful results.


We all know that there is an enormous collection of marbles available for sale, but when it comes to flooring design only few will shine. When it comes to the sale, it is available in slab form.


The technique of manufacturing this marble is mainly the use of handcraft. It is the main thing why JK brown is always the special among the customers. This stone marble is mainly considered to be the Indian marble.


It is also said to be the added advantage for the customers. Most of the customers in India follow the stone according to the wise of traditional.


You can also purchase this marble in many styles and sizes from the market as per your requirement. Once you ordered, mahaveer marbles will deliver it to your doorsteps.


JK Brown marble Features


Some of the exciting features of this marble should be known by all the customers. Some of the features are:


  • JK brown marble is the marble which includes smoothness and shiny look.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • This marble has the immense amount of strength that merges with rich texture.
  • It has a durability which leads this marble to next level.


These are the main features that you should know when you are looking for purchasing this marble. Apart from flooring purpose, you can also use it for making countertop, wall cladding, kitchen flooring etc.


Thus the installation process of this marble is quite easy for the customers for home designing purpose. You can buy JK Brown marble at a low price from mahaveer marbles.

Nizarna Brown Marble

Approx Price: 70 / Square Feet

Nizarna brown marble is a unique pattern marble, this marble will always be demanding in domestic and international markets too. So, Nizarna brown marble is one of the type which is demanded high by the clients and customers all the time.


With the less amount of charge, you can purchase this Nizarna brown marble for commercial and residential purposes at any time as per your requirement.


If you are looking for a pattern, it absolutely has eye catchy patterns which result in its purchase by many customers and clients. It is available in the form of a slab, tiles and blocks. Also, as per the customer requirement.


For perfect space to fill with marble, Nizarna is the type that highly suits. The fitting process is also quite easy, it can be applied by using hand tools.


Features of Nizarna Brown marble


This marble has some of the good features which will please the customers and clients. Let’s have a look at features for reference:


  • This marble comes with a scratch resistance ability.
  • Delivers a perfect shining look.
  • It is available at an affordable price that suits your interior and exterior designs.
  • Nizarna marble is highly suitable for both the flooring as well as countertops.
  • The eye catchy patterns of this marble is the best thing.

As we mentioned earlier, this marble is highly demanded in the domestic and overseas market for commercial and residential purposes. When it comes to final delivery.


This eye catchy unique pattern marble has a rich texture that includes a strength and thickness. It is considered to be the major thing that brings a lot of customers to purchase it for designing purpose.     

Torrento Brown Marble

 Approx Price: 40 / Square Feet

Torrent Brown Marble is one of the special variety which is available from different destinations and can be used for multiple functionalities. Marbles are available with different textures and different colors and with the unique names.


People like marbles which give pleasant look for the newly built buildings. Mostly marbles are used to cover the interiors as well as exteriors locations.


The usage of marbles gets increased every day around the world. So as the demand for the marbles is also getting increasing. The usage of marbles in floors, walls, slabs, tabletops, countertops and much more brings massive outlook.


It makes the builders and people who want to make a new house to think and start to use the marble stones for their own purposes. Now marbles are one of the important aspects while building a new house or commercial buildings.


The marbles can also be offered with colorful textures based on the customer expectations using a few extra efforts. Now we have plenty of options to offers the marbles with a variety of styles as well as size.


Using the torrent brown marble brings the great feel and look to the house. So people who know about the torrent brown marbles always make it as their first choice for various usage.


Torrent brown marble will be purchased for Rs. 38 to 43 for square feet which is affordable and very less compared to its features. You can get additional features like discount and a few other offers for bulk purchase of marbles from Mahaveer Marbles.


Torrent brown marble gives the rich look and amazing textures to the floor and walls with different designs and styles. You can ask for any size based on your requirements from us.


The online assistance for the customers also provided to make the purchase easier and short time. It’s a great advantage for the people to know about the marbles and its variety of textures before purchasing it.


So better connect with the online site of the Mahaveer Marble India to get important details about the marbles. They also offer excellent service to the people who connect with them in various prospects.

Fantasy Brown Marble

Approx Price: 35 / Square Feet

Fantasy Brown Marble is also excellent and natural stone available with amazing textured in different parts of India. This could be the right choice for personal and commercial building works.


Fantasy brown marble Tile is the most required brand in the market accross different parts of the country. It is good to use marbles over the granites and few other decorating stones for the newly built house.


You can use Fantasy Brown Marbles for various purposes to cover the interior and exterior parts of the home. Marbles bring an amazing and rich look to the house compare with any other flooring or wall decorations.


Fantasy brown marble Slab is used mostly in kitchen parts, tabletops, countertops and much more. The fantasy brown marble lasts long with excellent features like hardness, durability and so on.


This rare variety of marble can be found in different colors with unique style and sizes to accommodate the kitchen parts. So this seems the best option to decorate your interiors and exteriors with a stylish look. 


The fantasy brown marble flooring can be used for creating a rich look for your tabletops, countertops, etc. use of the fantasy brown marble make you feel great and live with the well finished marbles floors, walls on your home.


You can purchase this particular marble from Mahaveer Marbles who sell almost all types of marbles to the customers for making the wonderful interior and outdoor designing.


This marble will provide real beauty to your residential place and surroundings. Now the love for marble use is at an increasing stage where everyone looks for the marbles with different features and convenient for them to buy.


The Mahaveer Marbles also established an online forum to help the customer to get the details about the marbles easily. The purchase can also be initiated in the online mode to minimize the time duration of people to search for the right marble store.


At Mahaveer Marble online platform, you can get the complete details of the marble market and its importance in real time from the service team anytime to make your purchase worthy. 

Raymond Grey & Brown Marble

 Approx Price: 52 / Square Feet

Raymond’s grey & brown marble seem one of the hot picks for the customers that offer extraordinary look for interiors as well as outdoors.


Marbles are essential in decorating the house or any commercial buildings. People always have the love and interest to use it in the recent times. So the demand for marbles, tiles, and granites is in increasing mode across the world.


You can get this marble at an affordable cost with size, and design. You can get plenty of offers from the Mahaveer Marbles to purchase your orders.


Using the marbles, you can finish the walls, floors, tabletops, countertops and much more with exciting styles and colors. Raymond Grey Slabs is available in brown colors which is convenient to be used on any platforms.


The house which fully covered with the marbles gives a rich and extraordinary look. Mahaveer Marbles provide this product with the best quality and at the lowest price


If you want Raymond’s grey & brown marble you can inquire from the online mode using the online website. You are assured with the best and high-quality marbles from Mahaveer Marbles.


Features of Raymond’s grey and brown marbles


  • This is excellent marble can be used for a long time.
  • It also offers excellent and rich look to your home.
  • You can order it in the different size, style, and varieties from us.
  • Easy and simple to use in any buildings or home.


Visit our website for more information on other products, or you can request us a call back for a detailed conversation with our experts

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