Black Granite

Black rocks that share the hardness and strength of granitic rocks are known as black granite. In geological terms black granite might be gabbro, diabase, basalt, diorite, norite, and anorthosite. Owing to the presence of our expert team members, we have been able to offer a wide range of Premium Black Granite. 


Black Granite is one of the most preferred selections of clients owing to its high compressive strength, durability and easy maintenance. Following the precise demands of clients, we offer this in various styles, designs and finish. Our granites are admired for their uniformity and reliability.


What is  Black Granite?


Back Granite is a dark-colored igneous rock with grains large enough to be visible with the unaided eye. It forms from the slow crystallization of magma below Earth’s surface. Granite is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar with minor amounts of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals.


This mineral composition usually gives granite a red, pink, gray,  black or white color with dark mineral grains visible throughout the rock. When properly applied to the surface this granite makes beautiful patterns. The Black Granite is also known for their shine and color.


Mahaveer Marbles is a leading producer, dealer, and supplier of black granite. The price we offer is the lowest in the market. If you are planning to buy black granite than you can visit us for purchasing it. We are one of the well-known suppliers of marble and granite in this industry. 


The pure Black Granites and along with its natural pattern is more appealing for kitchen platform or countertop purpose.  At our unit, the marbles are cut with advanced machines and latest techniques to meet our customer’s requirements. These marbles are available in polished as well as in unpolished form.


Where Black Granite is found?


Granite is found almost anywhere in the world, but black granite is highly valued because of its unique and durable strength for creating graves and headstones. Some of the regions in the world where honed black granite is found are China, South Africa, Scandinavia, and India. This granite is used in almost every part of the word


Features of Black Granite


v High Compressive Strength

v Uniformity

v High Tensile Strength

v Robust design

v Optimum Performance

v Perfect Finishing


Specification of Black Granite


   Striking Colours



Check the Below the Best Selling Black Granite World Wide

Rajasthan Black Granite

Approx Price: 68 / Square Feet

Rajasthan Black Granite Being a style lover, most of the people love to have black granite in their homes as well as offices. It is one of the best and most recommended options for using it on your countertops as well as flooring.


The Rajasthan Black granites offer a very classy look to your floors. While installing it on your countertop or in flooring if you use it in the right way, these granites make beautiful patterns which add more beautiful appearance to your flooring.


Rajasthan Black Granite slabs are well known for its shine as well as the color. It enables you to get perfect resistance from stains, scratches and hence enables you to get perfect gloss polish finish.


This wonderful variety of granite was firstly found in Devgarh town of Rajasthan in the year 2008. This wonderful black granite provides an elegant look for your flooring.


Since it is a new variation of black granite in India and has not yet got the popularity as a comparison to other black granites and hence it is very cheap in comparison to them such as south black granite.


It has now become the first choice of the majority of builders, architects, industries, traders, contractors and much more within a very short interval of time.


Along with beauty and shine, it adds value to your flooring. Rajasthan Black Granite is also well known for its strength, durability and resistant to weather changes.


It can be perfectly used for use as a part of interiors as well as exterior applications such as Flooring, paving, wall cladding, countertops, backsplash etc.


Features of Rajasthan Black Granite


  • It includes perfect finish and shines which enhances the beauty of your flooring and perfectly make them classic, elegant and antique.
  • It includes striking texture which when placed suitably makes beautiful patterns and hence makes your flooring just mind-blowing.
  • Rajasthan Black Granite includes perfect strength are very much resistant to the heat, stain, weather changes and much more and hence enables you to get perfect durability.
  • Rajasthan Black Granite price very low price as compared to other black granite in the market.

Black Galaxy Granite

Approx Price: 190 / Square Feet

Black Galaxy Granite gives you the great finishing touch. Moreover, people and engineers highly trying this granite because of its smooth edges and stain-free surface.  Nowadays black granite demand is increasing in the market.


When it comes to a cleaning process, it is very easy for users to maintain and handle. This granite is mined from mines and then further processed in factories for a better finish. 


Also, you can purchase this granite per square feet at a reasonable price. For many purposes, this granite stairs has been getting popular among the clients and customers for its elegant design and finishing.


It has smooth edges and heat resistance ability which are considered to be the best quality of this granite. For its smooth surface, Black galaxy granite price gains its customers in huge numbers.


Mahaveer Marble provides best quality granite at an affordable price compared to the market. We are one of the oldest and renowned suppliers of marble and granite. 


When it comes to interior or exterior designs, this granite will suit your requirements in the best way. It is highly recommended for floors, cladding, accent walls, countertops, backsplashes, and many other purposes.


It is the main reason that why most of the clients and customers seeking for this beautifully designed granite for various building purpose. Moreover, you can also purchase this granite at a low amount of price.   


Black Pearl Granite

Approx Price: 130 / Square Feet

Black Pearl Granite stones are available in various parts of the country. The demand for the black pearl granite is also high as compared to other black granite. The quality of the black pearl granite is also good.


It has unique and excellent characteristics which make the buyers go for this product. People who planned to build new house or office and want to decorate the floors and walls with the granite can use this granite.


This granite stone is available in color black. You can buy it with the polished and honed finishes from the granite companies around the country. Slabs of this granite are available in customized sizes. 


You can get the black pearl granite Slabs in the shapes of countertops, floor parts and much more. We, Mahaveer Marble work hard to provide the best materials to the customers with affordable price.


It has a long life and more flexible to be used in residential and commercial places. The price we charge of black pearl granite is also low as compared to the market. 


The people who want to purchase the granite for various purposes can approach us through the official website or directly to the physical address. This granite stone is mostly founded in the Andhra Pradesh state of India.


For more information regarding the product, you can request us a free call back. Our expert’s team will be happy to explain you in detail about the product. 

Black Granite Leather Finish

Approx Price: 133 / Square Feet

Black Granite Leather Finish is used to make beautiful homes. This granite gives a look of leather to your application area. This granite is durable and heat resistance by its nature. 


This granite is leading to an increasing choice for kitchen top counters. The black granite leather finish is used to design the floors and bases of the kitchen.


Its solid granites slabs are considered to be the leaders in the market since a long time and the finish its leather finish leads to its increasing demand in the granite industry. 


This granite is considered to be the best granite that fits all places like hotels, restaurants, kitchen, nearby places of temples and swimming pools. It is highly durable and adds a natural luxury to space.


The best part is, it available in all sizes and grades as per the demand of the consumers. The main advantage of leather finish granite is that its stain resistance surface. 


Mahaveer Marble provides black leather finish granite at a low price and with a premium quality. You can place your order by visiting our website or through our store.


Telephone Black Granite

 Approx Price: 145 / Square Feet

Telephone Black Granite is extremely hard granite found across India which is widely used over a large geographical area. Due to its color and beauty, it is widely exported all over the world.


The color is purely black with great luster and texture that is on the surface of this granite is also unique and gives a classy look to your space along with a premium feel.


This variety of black granite is having low water absorption power and is quite hard. Due to this, it can be used on counter tops, kitchen slabs, pillars, floor attaching to the wall border and even for various crafts. 


Looking forward to the uses of this granite these are quite attractive in their look and create an amazing visual appearance to the area.


After polishing its surface this granite gives an everlasting shine and it is also said as one of the most durable forms of granite with heat resistance capacity. 


It is considered to be the best piece for building the best of homes and are going to give original black shine and beauty. You can spread these granite marbles across your kitchens and bathrooms which brings a naturally refreshing look.


Telephone black granite even designed with criss-cross patterns in some varieties to enhance the beauty of your space easily. This granite is easy to fix into the floor and is going to set best to any location you want.


This Black granite is going to deliver exquisite beauty with fixing the granite which brings on a sophisticated shine to the office or any place with a grooming look.

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